Cata - Where streams come together (English version)

2 hours drive from East London, South Africa, lies an extraordinary village called Cata. Cata has been supported by a South African NGO called Border Rural Committee, which again is supported by a Swedish NGO called Afrikagrupperna. Development projects in Cata have been successful and Cata is today one of South Africa's spectacular new tourist destinations, off the known routes.

Cata promotes Fairtrade tourism, because families participate in the decision making of pricing the tourism services. They then offer accommodation, food, local insight into the daily life and culture to the tourist. Therefore the village and its people benefit directly without intermediaries of the tourism.

This is a short film created by three students at Färnebo Folkhögskola Gothenburg and ABF Media Lab about Cata which we recommend you to visit!

Färnebo Folkhögskola in cooperation with ABF and Afrikagruppen.

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