1st Gothenburg Indie Film Fest

Gothenburg Independent Film Festival (2014) is a new upcoming festival for independent film makers arranged by the NGO Film För Fred (Film for Peace). The festival aspires to acknowledge and inform about the urgent social, environmental and political issues of the world. Using film to approach these questions in artistic and creative ways, we wish to create a common space where organisations, filmmakers and audience from different countries can meet to discuss and cooperate for future projects.

Director and Editor: Alex Afshar
Camera: Enver Ramirez
Sound: Charles Philips Alexander Öst
Sound Effects: Hamodi Gabry
Unit Manager: Ulrika Redington
Producer: Film För Fred
Cast: Lumi Vasquez, Daniel Pavicic
Date: May 22nd - 25th
Place: Hagabion
Adress: Linnégatan 21
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Gbg Indie Film Festival
May 22nd - 25th
w: gbgindiefilmfest.se
fb: Gbg Indie Film Festival

Föreningen Film för fred som arrangerar festivalen har ABF som studieförbund! Vill du också lära dig arrangera en filmfestival eller starta en filmcirkel? Kontakta din ABF avdelning! www.abf.se

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